I put down things I failed at in a chronological order. Where I know the date I'll try to put it down otherwise it's roughly categorised by year.

1. 2022

  • I was rejected by a company after the interview (not necessarily a failure but putting it down anyway). [2022-01-24 Mon]
  • Unit tests of a project failed a couple of times today [2022-01-24 Mon].
  • Didn't completely figure out how to do 19. Remove Nth Node From End of List

2. 2021

  • I stopped my Leetcode challenge, yet again.
  • I didn't finish the website project from 2020 and client left me.
  • I didn't fix a product I built by the deadline.
  • I accidentally leaked my own admin AWS key id and secret while experimenting with publishing in org mode. Luckily no serious loss and I was able to learn how to resolve and mitigate this.
  • Almost end of the year I found out that some report I did years ago became incorrect after switching environment. Haven't been able to fix this.
  • Tried to negotiate my salary with a recruiter guy but did a terrible, terrible job. Found out I got no negotiation skills so started learning some.
    • I apologize to and thank the recruiters that inevitably become my practice partners.
  • Broke NoTree so many times I'm not counting.

3. 2020

  • I stopped my Leetcode challenge, again.
  • I didn't finish a website project and client was almost leaving me.
  • I got rejected at a company called Octopus Energy.
  • Failed at Akuna due to visa status (I'm Aussie PR now btw).
  • Didn't hear back from Divisia.
  • Didn't hear back from BOQ.
  • Stopped developing NoTree.

4. Further away

  • Did a major fuckup and cost company around $3000. I think this was around 2018.